• Strategic planning and PR consulting

    Any PR or marketing support starts with strategy development. If you’re not sure which way to go, we will analyze and evaluate the situation and provide you with strategic solutions to choose from.

  • Product and corporate PR

    Every company has its needs: some need to promote a particular product or service, others aim to build a strong brand perceived positively among target audiences. Also, PR can address the needs of a product or a corporation.
  • Media communications

    PR practitioners always say: “Advertising is expensive, but editorials are priceless”. Editorial is an opinion piece written by editorial staff. And the phrase above means that readers appreciate and trust information from non-advertising materials a lot more than any piece of advertising. This is why effective communications with journalists who initiate editorials are of crucial importance to us.

  • Web 2.0

    Internet technologies open up new horizons at a rate of knots. We can’t imagine our life without online communications, Facebook, Twitter or Skype. Looking for news updates, many of us turn to blogs instead of a fresh newspaper, and many bloggers today can be seen as opinion leaders alongside the renowned publicists.

  • Event management

    Event management is an essential and often the most pleasant part of our work. We can offer a full scope of related services: from the conceptual stage through to turnkey project implementation.

  • Media field monitoring and analysis

    We offer media field monitoring and analysis on a subscription basis or on demand.