• Art&Smart PMCG

    For some people, PR is nothing but business. For us, PR is the art that we create every single day – the art of smart communications.

    What makes any work of art special is its singularity. Our singular, individual approach to each client and result-orientedness enable us to successfully implement projects for acknowledged leaders of such industries as FMCG, IT/telecom, construction and real estate, venture financing and many others.

    We create communication strategies based on the most effective approach to handling media activities: controlling information flows, using the entire scope of media tools and channels, personal contacts with the media. We produce the best results through our commitment to constantly improving conventional PR and marketing techniques, introducing state-of-the-art technologies and inventing new PR tools and techniques.

  • We believe in an open information society and we are doing our best to make it work. We aim to exercise the media practices based on a combination of existing and innovative communication strategies. The quality of our work relies on our long experience and tailored approach to each client.

    We keep learning new things and pass the knowledge over to our clients.


Art&Smart PMCG started as a PR consultancy catering to IT/telecom industry. Our first client was the Fly brand which needed PR support to promote their products: testing programs, special projects in glossy magazines, online, etc. In 2007, we organized the Fly Festival – an open-air event which was attended by a wide number of journalists. Our ongoing partnership with the Fly now includes not only conventional PR support, but also online branding services./p>

Our track record in IT/telecom includes a variety of challenging projects, such as the launch of TIBCO office in Russia, partnership with Igromir 2008, launch of “Para-Pa” game, partnership with Cleverics, AstrumOnlineEntertainment, and etc. For two straight years, Art&Smart PMCG has been offering media office services to MGTS.

It was evident to us almost from the very first year in this business that our creativity and original approach to handling media activities may be transferred to other industries, and so we successfully extended our industry portfolio with the following clients:

  • Real estate / Design / House and Home – MIAN, Dom.ru, Parketoff, Rockfon, Rondell
  • Automotive – GM (Cadillac), Business Car
  • Business services – SMG, PWC
  • Logistics and Manufacturing - Sulzer, Itella
  • Finance and Insurance – 1SK, WebCreds
  • FMCG – Philip Morris

Over the last four years, Art&Smart PMCG has been actively exploring online marketing and PR: agents of influence, corporate pages and groups in the social networks, online PR techniques, viral mailers, online events for target groups, interactive support for offline projects, website development, etc.

We have learnt to blend our client focus and unique creative ideas into high value and benefit to the client.

Today, our portfolio spans across leading domestic and international companies and a broad area of expertise from strategic consulting and GR to corporate and fun events.

We know how to build a successful strategy of media communications from scratch, how to make it work, shape a positive image, ensure loyalty among the media and influence public opinion. Our many years of expertise and continuous improvement is what allows us to be confident and consistently deliver the required results.