Web 2.0


Internet technologies open up new horizons at a rate of knots. We can’t imagine our life without online communications, Facebook, Twitter or Skype. Looking for news updates, many of us turn to blogs instead of a fresh newspaper, and many bloggers today can be seen as opinion leaders alongside the renowned publicists.

As businesses see this global virtualization, they forge ahead and realize they need new ways of engaging with their key audiences. New communications also turn out a lot more rewarding, since they can be tailored and don’t necessarily involve the conventional intermediary – the media.

These days, all brands have online representation, whether it’s a group page in the social networks or a stand-alone blog. But creating such a blog which is basically a separate communication channel, and making it work effectively can be tricky. Ideally, to ensure the best results this task requires professional input.

Key activities:

- Development of a strategy of new media integration;

- Creating and maintaining a corporate blog;

- Posting content and moderation;

- Acquisition of target audience;

- Special online projects: conferences, polls, viral marketing, etc.;

- Blogosphere monitoring and analysis.