• Visit to DANONE UNIMILK. A delicious talk about CSR!

    January 29, Art&Smart took part in a round table on corporate social responsibility, organized in the office of DANONE UNIMILK by the Association of Communications and Corporate Media Directors of Russia. Cheerful tone and exciting topics created a perfect climate for a pleasant conversation, discussion of numerous projects and getting to know a diversity of companies. A healthy and delicious breakfast followed by some first class coffee was thoroughly enjoyable too. During the discussion about CSR we came to the conclusion that all consumer companies today realize the importance and essentiality of social projects and their impact on the corporate image, work climate, customer and employee loyalty. They can make a positive impact on the society, by changing its system of beliefs. We constantly monitor the media and take opinion polls among users of social networks, because today this topic is hot like never before, as we are witnessing integration processes between the society, business and non-profit organizations. And according to Business Development Director Lyubov Ershova, Art&Smart has very extensive plans in this field.

    05 February 2013