• Strategic PR practices for MGIMO students

    On March 20, general director of Art & Smart PMCG Nina Isaychenko paid a visit to Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) as an expert. Invited on behalf of PR students, she held a master class on strategic planning in public relations.
    In her presentation, Nina Isaychenko highlighted the milestones in strategic planning of communications and emphasized that the key to success factor in any PR activity is to realize what is it exactly that you want to achieve. To showcase the planning process from a professional’s point of view she referred to examples from Art&Smart’s practice with different companies, explained how to phrase the objectives of a PR program, identify key audiences and draft key messages.
    Nina paid special attention to the difficulties inherent to strategic PR planning in Russia. She also mentioned that increasingly more local companies begin to realize the importance of strategic approach to communications. Nevertheless, PR professionals can still face a situation when their client hardly formulate any objectives other than “I want them all to know how great we are”.
    The questions from the audience mostly referred to the practical issues of planning: timelines for drafting PR strategies, budgeting, ways to identify the right number of PR activities. MGIMO students were thankful for this chance to learn what to expect from their future professional career.

    23 March 2013