• Strategic PR practices for MGIMO students

    On March 20, general director of Art & Smart PMCG Nina Isaychenko paid a visit to Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) as an expert. Invited on behalf of PR students, she held a master class on strategic planning in public relations.

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  • Art&Smart in RASO

    On March 20, 2013 the executive board of Russian PR Association (RASO) approved adhesion of Art&Smart PMCG to the organization. Our company is going to extensively engage in the industry’s burning issues. Namely, Art&Smart will participate in RASO’s initiative aimed to develop professional standards in public relations.

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  • Visit to DANONE UNIMILK. A delicious talk about CSR!

    January 29, Art&Smart took part in a round table on corporate social responsibility, organized in the office of DANONE UNIMILK by the Association of Communications and Corporate Media Directors of Russia. Cheerful tone and exciting topics created a perfect climate for a pleasant conversation, discussion of numerous projects and getting to know a diversity of companies. A healthy and delicious breakfast followed by some first class coffee was thoroughly enjoyable too.

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  • MGTS offered students an open lecture

    Moscow is actively exploring the opportunities of optical technologies and many people from housewives to students would like to know more about it. They discuss it at home, at work, on the radio, television, and now also in the lecture spaces of Moscow State University (MSU). October 26th, MGTS offered an open lecture for 4th year students of the MSU Faculty of Journalists entitled “Why do we need optical telecommunications and how will they change our world?”

    The gathering addressed the following questions:
    - What are GPON networks?

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